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That Old Video reassembled in HD...


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  • 4 weeks later...

Since I updated this video to HD it has become my firm favourite...In Full Screen mode and 1080 resolution I can see so many small details around my base...I spot something new every time I run it

Just in case anyone does not know how this sort of flying is done...I flew all three aeroplanes...First on my own in the Red Machine. Then I played that back as Traffic and formated on it, in the Blue machine with the chrome cowling, and split at the right time and came in the right way to thread the needle with the Red machine while rolling in time to his roll. Finally I played back both of those as Traffic and flew the lighter blue machine with the 5 cylinder radial, continuing on when they split and did a half loop and roll off to come in at 90 degrees to the runway and roll under their smoke trails as they threaded the needle. Then I had to judge my circuit to get down and join with the other two on the turn off the runway for the taxy in and parking...Great fun and I just loved it and I love watching it happen all over again :rolleyes:

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