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Zvartnots to Narita, Tokyo...

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Continuing the Circumnavigation in the iFly BBJ3:-


Ready to depart from Zvartnots in Armenia to Narita, Tokyo...The flight takes 9 hours 37 minutes.


Up and away into the night.


Here in the cruise at FL330 and Mach 0.79 we will step climb on route.


Black as "Newgate's Knocker!"


Practically all the flight will be as dark as this. However...


...for these next two shots I have wound up the contrast to show the contellation of Orion (the "belt" is the three stars above the nose). Ignore the "Noise" at top and left edges of the picture.


Just in front of the nose there are the Pleiades. Sharp eyes should see seven faint stars in the group. Most people don't realise how accurately FS portrays the night sky...Especially if your "stars.dat" file is of size 429 KBs and dated 01/12/2001...If it is not that file and of smaller size then you will not see as many stars. If you need the proper file then ask and I will upload it.


This is a long time later and we are at FL390 and the green T/D, Top of Descent mark is showing on the map at about 35 miles. Note the wind from the right at 134 knots and the large angle of drift to hold track.


I remember many years ago as a Vanguard first officer on the Summer Night Shift, the dawn rising Sun used to hit me in the right eye as we flew back from Malta...I tended to send me to sleep. This shot reminded me of that... zzzzz


Here the descent is underway and we are looking at the Captain's full IFR panel.


On the final approach to Narita with a rather imposing Hotel on the left.


Crossing the runway end for a...


...manual landing.


We do have AES here and my "Follow Me" car has arrived promptly.


You can see the "STOP" signal showing just above the HUD.


The nearest jetway is moving in towards our front door and the steps are already at the rear door. The baggage vehicles are moving towards the holds.


Catering is here...


...and we are being prepared for the last leg of our Circumnavigation...From here back to our start point at McLeland Field.

Thanks for looking :)

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