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Rules and regulations


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these are the new rules and regulations from the last directors' meeting (with some added out of memory and common sense):

1) When flying online, you MUST use the VAE teamspeak server (Andras Field Unicom)

2) Tail numbers must either stick to the german nomenclatura or to the nomenclatura of your home country

3) Movements MUST be announced on teamspeak (taxiing, takeoff, circuits, landings and so on)

4) New circuit height is 4000 feet (no exceptions)

5) minimum runway crossing altitude for gliders crossing the main runway is 500 AGL

6) taxiing rules for choppers with wheels: normal, with sky's or skids: max 10ft AGL, max 10kts GS

Rules are effective immediately.

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Hi Darem, quick question. How wide is the circuit please? 4000 AGL is rather high for a Helicopter circuit if the circuit is a small one. We only travel about 60-80 knots in a circuit, and our descent rates are much lower than fixed wing. Then on a final approach we are travelling less than 40 knots as a rule. Travelling at slow speeds with high descent rates is a big no go in the Dodo Bell 206. Unless of course you like picking up the pieces biggrin.gif Approaching @ 4000ft and @ 40knots with a descent rate of 200ft per minute maximum would take about 20 minutes and 13.3333 miles to reach ground. Or 4000ft, 2 miles out @ 40 knots would need a descent rate of approximately 1333ft per minute. That can't be done in the Dodo, it would enter a vortex ring and quite probably crash into the ground. Hence my question, "How wide is the circuit please?"

Also rule 6, you might want to reword it a little. A 10ft hover/taxi is doable if you are a very skilled pilot. I suspect however you don't get many of those at Andras. Might I suggest a bit of leeway? Say about 10-20ft AGL You don't want Helicopter pilots thinking "I can't taxi with those restrictions, I won't bother with this stuff"

Apart from those two points, very nice rules, and I'm looking forward to joining you all soon.


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