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MA Orly X FS9 - Taxisignes missing after Patch 1.04


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After you have installed the Patch/Installer Version 1.04, you will not see any Taxisigns. Aerosoft has placed the Taxisignes into the AF2*.BGL files, they will be killed, when this file is changed and saved via Lee Swordy's AFCAD.EXE file.

With Patch 1.04, the Exlcudes, which also was in the AF2 File, was placed in a seperate file (to get a better Autogen around the airport), but the Situation around the taxisignes gone missed, sorry.

Here now a file, which brings the Taxisigns and Approacheds back to life.

LFPO-APPRandTaxiSign FS9.zip

Place this file into the FS Orly SCENERY folder.

While testing I saw that the Approaches also included here, are not correct displayed in the GPS instrument, here Aerosoft needs to make some changes later, but this should not have any effects to the operation of the airport.

Also I attach here the AF2*.BGL files again, now "cleaned" from all not needed in this file, so that it can be handled via AFCAD.EXE too.

AFCADs FS9.zip

Please only place one of this files (related if you want Airlinecode at the Gates or not) in the Orly FS SCENERY folder and remove the other one.

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