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This weekends themed events


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Tonight will be a group trip to EDQM. No flight plan for this just use the direct to function on your GPS and or preffered form of navigation.

Sunday evening we will have our very first Air Race, the prize for winning the blagging rights in the club house dry.gif The race will be a two legged race from EAFS - LOWI - EAFS. The rules are simple you must do a touch and go at LOWI prior to returning to EAFS. There will be two classes. Single engine and multi engine, so you can choose between the default 172 and the default baron. That way we all have a level playing field. I will be timing the event, and my assistant will be at LOWI making sure no one cheats

My time for the Default C172 EAFS-LOWI-EAFS 0:46:10

my time for the Default Barron EAFS-LOWI-EAFS 0:28:19

Those are your targets to beat and I expect them to be beaten.

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