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Weeze Airport Preview

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After downloading a couple of AES creditpacks for my old Spanish and German Airports and downloading the FS9 versions of Mallorca X, Barcelona X, Antalya X, Mega Airport Munich and Mega Airport Amsterdam was i waiting for a nice scenery of my favorite airport Weeze.

There still isnt a good version of the airport like in Aerosoft Quality which i like very much.

I was very happy to see this announcement, but only in the english language forum.

Maybe it is possible to make the announcement in the German language forum

Now i see it wont be for FS9

I hope Aerosoft will listen to ppl who still flying in FS9.

Please if possible release also for FS9 i am only using that Flightsim and with me many more ppl who don't like FSX.

Greetings from Arnhem The Netherlands

We know there are many people who still fly FS9 and we got many products that still support that. It is however simply not possible for all products because sometimes we really like to use the new options of FSX and 'dumming it down' to FS9 standards only makes sense when we believe it is commercially possible. Asking about it really does not help if I am honest.

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Hee Mathijs,

Wat heerlijk om te horen dat Dusseldorf én mijn thuisbasis Weeze in aantocht zijn voor FSX. Ik zag laatst wat ik inmiddels de afgelopen jaren al bij Aerosoft gekocht heb. Het houdt maar niet op! En dan op termijn ook nog ASFS. Ik ga er vast voor sparen!

Keep up the good work!!


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is there maybe some news about the releasedate?

I don't think that they'll annouce it, but regarding the time it took for many other projects i'd expect a release in this or the next month. Maybe even January would be possible, but not longer... So i'd say that it'll be ready within the next 60 days... But that's just my opinion, but what do i know:rolleyes: xD

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