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First Preview-Pics of new Köln - Düsseldorf-Route

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I know we normally do FS stuff here but from now on you will more non FS projects being presented here. Aerosoft is active on many platforms!

First Preview-Pics of new Köln - Düsseldorf-Route!

We are very busy working on our new Köln-Düsseldorf-Route for Train Simulator Railworks 2010. Now you can discover the first Preview-Screenshots of the project in our forum! This Add-On is a graphical highlight, which shows realistically tracks along 3D-objects like the main stations of the cities, the Cologne Cathedral, the Musical Hall and the Hohenzollern-Bridge.

Erste Preview-Pics von der Köln-Düsseldorf-Route!

Ganz fleißig wird an der neuen Strecke Köln-Düsseldorf für den Train Simulator Railworks 2010 gearbeitet. Jetzt gibt es in unserem Forum die ersten Preview-Screenshots zu sehen. Das Add-On gibt besonders graphisch eine Menge her. Die nach einem realistischen Streckenverlauf verlegten Gleise winden sich zwischen Köln und Düsseldorf vorbei an extra erstellte 3D-Objekte wie die Hauptbahnhöfe der beiden Städte, die Kölner Musical Hall und die Hohenzollernbrücke.




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If we are going to see more of these might I suggest that all preview topics should in future be prefaced with an BOLD platform description..?

I find it increasingly difficult to spot the platform in small type in a `busy` forum with lots of new posts, and of course those sub-headings are not flagged on the front page of the forum with the newest posts box

Either that, or create separate sub-sections for each platform to keep them distinct, and quickly accessible and relevant to interested parties.

Just a thought... :mellow:

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