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Discus X & SP2 problems,


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Hello, I'm new to aerosoft forums, and I've been having a difficult situation that I can't figure out.

As you know, Cumulusx! and WinchX don't work without SP2. I currently have FSX Deluxe and I downloaded Discus X, and it worked all right.

Installed SP1, no problem. But CumulusX! & WinchX!, no avail.

Installed SP2, got what I wanted, they both worked all right. I have Win7 and I ran both of them through administrator.

But, when I selected the Discus X(B,BT,BM), the 3D model that is spinning DOESN'T SPIN, then, a window popps up checking for errors in FSX, and then, it changes to "Windows can't figure out the problem and needs to close".

I tried re-installing DiscusX, didn't solved it. Re-installed the WHOLE FSX, and worked my way up again, still the same...

Is there any help? I seriously need a self launcher!

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Hmm, in another topic you said, the flight dynamics are ok, so the problem is solved?

The Discus needs also SP2. So first install FSX, then SP1 then SP2 then Acc (If you have it) then the Discus.

Bests Joachim

Joachim, I have done that. And 3-4 times, same results. As if Discus X is allergic to SP2 or something.....

I might try acceleration this time, I forgot...

And no, when I was talking about flight dynamics, that was flying it in FSX and SP1, but doesn't work in SP2....

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