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Mathijs Kok

Known issues

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There are a few issues we know about. You will always find this information in the readme.txt file that's located in FSXMainFolder\Aerosoft\Airbus X.

This list is based on the current 1.11 released files. This is only available as a complete new installation not as an update as it includes most of the bigger files. Before installing this new file (that you will find on your order history page), please de-install the current version using the standard Windows add/remove software control application.

FIXED ISSUES (using the 1.11 version):

  • Auto brakes changed to work on all systems
  • Outer wing tank qty going negative issue solved
  • Added auto throttle disconnect sound
  • Small auto land adjustment (but it still needs the correct weight and speed!)
  • Wing view issue fixed
  • QNH in MCDU now accepts InHg too
  • Better climb performance
  • Spoiler arming changed to non FSX standard (right click to arm), this makes it impossible for some hardware to control it
  • Nose wheel animation changed
  • All installer issues fixed
  • If "CONF 3" is chosen on PERF APPR page, then landing checklist will command flaps 3 instead of flaps FULL
  • Autoland light now lights up when conditions are not right
  • frame rate of PFD and ND increased
  • Tuned VOR now not shown when aircraft is on top of it
  • MCDU ILS field now copied to and from VOR1
  • Vol-6 Step by Step guide changed
  • Aircraft State Save module now adds extension
  • Lufthansa livery corrected


    • Chrono Button in-op
      Should be added soon.
    • Speed tape should start at 30 knots (now 40)
      Should be fixed soon.
    • White box round FMA announcements for 10 seconds after status change missing
      Should be added soon.
    • Flightplans with more then 5 waypoints before ToC or 5 waypoints after ToD could lead to problems.
      Bit more complex, being looked at
    • There are obviously conditions that make the traffic cones etc visible in flight
      under investigation, should only happen in or from Pause mode.
    • Wing tip vortex incorrectly placed
      Should be fixed soon.
    • FSX goes CTD when the aircraft is reloaded after crashing it
      reason totally unknown at this moment.
    • Electrical system might have an issue, not sure if it can be fixed with FSX's wacky electrics
      Will be looked into.


      [*]Tweaks for manual land[*]More Approach speed management[*]Dropping flight surfaces after extended lack of HYD pressure[*]THR RED ACC and ENG OUT ACC - altitudes are changing depending on the FL. They should be fixed values.

      Without a doubt there is more, but we are standby to start fixing things were needed.

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