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Discus X (Gold Star Award Winner)

Shaun Fletcher

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David Pike another reviewer from Avsim.com has not long completed his review on the Discus X for FSX.

He spent a good 17 hours looking through this product and would seem he was impressed as he couldn't find anything to fault it.

David summarised by saying, "The Discus is the first commercial glider add-on ever produced in the history of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and I believe that it has set a very high standard for those that hopefully will follow. A superbly created aircraft, the addition of the WinchX and CumulusX add-ons make this a complete package that will transform the way FSX handles gliding.

The accuracy of the flight model combined with the vast amount of documentation provided means that soaring enthusiasts can finally use FSX as a serious gliding simulator, and maybe even as a trainer. The Discus is certainly good enough to teach pilots competition tactics and how to make speed-to-fly calculations. Pilots who enjoy high-tech systems will find the C4 Competition gauge is complex enough to keep them entertained for hours. At the same time, the more casual simmer should not be scared of the complexity of the systems or information provided with the Discus. The aircraft itself is wonderfully rewarding to fly, whether using the winch, tow-plane or getting to grips with the self launching BM model.

I find it hard to say anything negative about the Discus. It would have been nice to see more variation in the nationalities represented by the textures, and the stuttering of the display when using the GPS can be distracting. However, all other aspects of the aircraft are so good that these minor complaints are quickly put into perspective.

I have been thoroughly impressed with the Discus. With the different models, extensive documentation and the WinchX utility, this package represents superb value for money. I will be sending my wish list to Aerosoft in the hope that they will be making more gliders..."

Then duly awarded the Discus X a Gold Star Award.

You can read the full review here.






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