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These are the traffic lines found in my Scenery\World\Scenery file.

The first refers to an Orbx add-on to increase Australian traffic when flying in Australia.

In the second trafficBoats has been altered to get rid of ungainly ferries in a coastal section of Australia: the carriers is self-explanatory, and the final Traffic-GA bgl is a freeware add-on that improves GA traffic mainly at small airports and fields.



trafficBoats.bgl.disabled for Ants



It does not contain the entry mentioned in the FAQ ie ...passive.bgl, but I thought the FTX entry would have had the same effect. It would be easy enough to replace it with the MT 2010 entry.

I would appreciate your help.

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Hello macca22au,

Sorry whats this all referring too, did you check the MyTraffic scenery folder for Traffic bgl files.

Also did you check your system to make sure that you do not have any fs9 legacy traffic files.

There are tools available to check for thes especially AIFP. Google AI Flight Planner.

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