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How to pay your plot after the bid

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Good morning guys,

Just a few words about the procedure to pay your bid:

1. After we close the bid of a plot, we will contact the winner via Email.

2. The winner have to choose one of the three (3) ways of payment available. They are:

  • Credit Card (The winner must provide us with the credit card information: Name on the card, number, expiration date, type of card and 3 numbers security code on the back).
    • Payment via Paypal (If you have an account you must write us to the Paypal email address.

    [*] Money transfer in one of our accounts.

    3. We will send you an invoice via email in PDF or via fax if needed.

    4. Once we got the payment, you will get your plot.

    5. For further information you can contact

    Best regards and enjoy your stay in Andras Field,


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