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Q: Is it a fictive airport and if so, why?

A: Indeed it does not exist. We looked long and hard to find some small airfield we could work with but their simply is nothing that even comes close. We wanted something in the center of Europe, with facilities for larger seaplanes, helicopters, small jets, gliders etc. Please note however that nearly every structure on the airfield (and seaplane base) are modelled after existing buildings. We do not think the fact it is does not exist is a big deal, we all fly to airports we have never visited in real life and way back the Emma Field project (Andras Field is made with a lot of the same people btw) was a major success even though it was in many ways less realistic then Andras Field.

Q: Can I get my own place on the airpark?

A: Sure. Just check out what house or empty plot you like and drop our sales director a message (we've got a forum for that). Any property that has no name/sign on the street is not sold. In the next update (at most 10 days apart) your house will be there for all users and visitors to see. Let me show you how you could be going to work:


Q: What does it cost? What do the houses and/or plots cost?

A: 18.50 Euro (say $22) plus VAT when applicable (customers in the EEC). The price for the plots on the airpark are not fixed, they will be sold by auction. They money we get from that will be invested in further development of the project. Some of the best plots have already been sold to beta testers. When you buy the plot it is yours, nobody else will be allowed to build on there. You can either send us the 3d files of the house you want there or you can pick any of the properties we've already designed. You can then modify the colours etc to personalise it.

Q: Can I sell my plot to another person?

A: Sure, it's yours, we got nothing to do with it.

Q: It looks a bit empty, incomplete!

A: True and with good reason. We at Aerosoft do not want to fill it with our ideas, we want this project to be directed by the users. We'll combine the files and send out regular (every 10 days or so) updates.

Q: How do I find Andras Field and where is it located in the real world?

A: In the SELECT AIRPORT dialogue enter "Andras Field" in the airport name or EAFS (Andras Field Land) or EAFW (Andras Field Water) in the airport ID.

Andras Field is attractive to many serious GA pilots (and small companies) because it is located in Southern Germany (Southern Bavaria) and very close to Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and France.

  • 80 Km to Munich
  • 65 Km to Innsbruck
  • 100 Km to Liechtenstein
  • 280 Km to Milan
  • 250 Km to Strasbourg

Andras Field location file for Google Earth

Q: Why the name Andras Field?

A: Because the main developer is our good friend, Andras Kozma. We decided to name this Andras Field to honour his loyalty and skills. Besides, it's a cool name and before we started there is was called Machmaning Fliegerhorst, that's not commercial is it?

Q: For FSX only?

A: Yes, there is no way we can do all we want in FS2004, sorry. We need near unlimited polygons, sound effects, missions and above all, multi core CPU's to get it all working at acceptable speed.

Q: Why is everything in English on this airport in Germany?

A: Andras Field / Andras Airpark is designed for an international user and international property owners and that's why the temporary management team decided to keep everything in English on the field. There are many German touches though, you will find them as you explore the field.

Q: What is an airpark actually?

A: It's a mix between a small airfield and a (fenced off) neighbourhood. The houses on the airpark have a hangar for the owners aircraft. These are most popular in the USA but getting more popular in other places as they provide a safe community that gathers people who've got (at least partly) the same interest. Here is a good example of one. (but with a horrible website). The houses are often large, see two examples below.



work in progress more added all the time..

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