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Larnaca LCLK Preview

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a320231, Dude, I mean this in the nicest most humanly respectful way possible, Stop being an ARSE, and let Thorsten get on with finishing the scenery. We are all extremely lucky that Aerosoft h

I see some of you still don't know how to use the +/- buttons. Guys, at digg.com you have your bury button back, use that. Here you don'T digg or bury, you just tell other users if a post was helpful

First of all it would be desirable to express huge gratitude for your work! It is invaluable, your works of deserved rewards, in general you GOOD FELLOWS CHILDREN!

Actually it would be desirable to take an interest in the following:

Whether not less important airport LCPH will enter into structure of release LCLK? If yes, for what version FS ports are under construction?

Thankful in advance for the answer!

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Paphos LCPH is available at AVSIM for FSX, this scenery will be for FS9+FSX

Excuse, I haven't understood something... On AVSIM, as far as I know only free scenarios and additions. AEROSOFT sells the products. I have particularly asked, whether there will be airport LCPH scenario in the future release LCLK which will take place in the beginning of October how it it is told above and for which version FS?

And is more concrete, LCPH will be for FS2004 from the publisher of company AEROSOFT?

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but the release is still positive for August.

So what Do you think about October 8th?

I am not sure if we do it best to aks every day.

Let Thorsten do the work and let Rainer show the new screens:-)

Hopefully we are able to buy this scenery in Septemer


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