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Aerobatic Gliders

Mathijs Kok

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Discus K ? one off shortened wing aerobatic Discus B -13.1 or 13.2m with tips to take it to the full 15m,i seem to remember. Idea didn't take off in R/L.

Yeah, so it really looks like. It's for sure a Schempp-Hirth plane. I actually didn't know that there has been a Discus K. Sure, a Cirrus K, but it's cockpit looks quite different (not to say older).. Hmm..

Btw.: Nice program, but not too heavy. No problem to fly it even with a ASK 21. But I suppose it doesn't say anything about the plane. Or? :D

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Right :-)

Its a Discus K

The original still flies, but it is a normal Discus B now. If I am right informed it was the second ever built Discus wich was made to the K as an experiment. But the plane was not really good in doing aerobatics. It had massive problems during inverted flight.

But let me tell you. It is GREAT FUN in FSX. Our flight model seems to be pretty realistic on that, because the orininal was limited where FSX is.

And honestly, to do nice looking aerobatics in a Fox or a Swift, or lets say an Extra 300 (not the FSX one) is rather easy. But try to do it with a modified competition glider!

This is really challenging. It works, but you must know how to make it work.

Thw wingspan was 13.7 meters reduced from 15 meters

The LD still 38 (compared to the original 42 not a too bad value)

VMAX is 270 kph increased from 250kph

And the g limits were increased to +7-5g

The program, you can see on the panel is absolutely flyable. Rellatively easy, but it will be very easy to change the program so you can always have a more challenging one :-)

Bests Joachim

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