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I am new to gliding and the Discus is great however i am using FSUIPC to operate the elevator trim. I get the full range but always seem to be at 18-20 down trim. I have tried re centering the FSUIPC settings and have dumped all the water. The water ballast has a slight nose down effect when dumping but it still all settles with down trim being required. How do i set up these aircraft to be neutral trim. Is there an aircraft set menu which I have not discovered yet. My friend who is a gliding instructor is going to come and advise me on the ways of the C4 unit and I suppose will offer trim advice as well but since he does not know the program I need to know how to adjust settings like ballast and passenger weight etc.

Any help welcome

Thank you


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HI David,

this is certainly the wrong forum for your question. You should post it either in the aerosoft discus forum or at Pete Dowson's support forum for FSUIPC.

Please try also to find out how to use the forum first.

best regards,


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