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CumulusX W7 Installation

Peter Lürkens

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This hint cures the problem, that the user aircraft performs giant leaps to erratic locations after installation of CumulusX!. To avoid this problem do one of the following:

1) Run "install.cmd" with Admin privileges, recommended

During install right-click the command "install.cmd" in the distribution and choose "Run as Administrator" (or equivalent)


2) Manual install

Login as administrator and copy the entire distribution archive into the installation directory of FSX. You will be prompted that this requires extra administrator privileges, please acknowledge.


Windows 7 protects its program directories from write access through user software, even when logged in under an administrator account. Currently the CumulusX! installation command is not aware of this. This leads to an incomplete installation of CumulusX!. The consequence is that CumulusX! is confused by missing components and places the user aircraft where the clouds should be. Running the install-command with elevated privileges allows the install to copy and place all necessary files.

best regards,


PS: Shawn, could you make this sticky?

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