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Can I transfer AI traffic totally from one airport to another?


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I have MyTraffic 2010 installed with FS9.

I recently added Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (VTBS) to replace the old airport of Bangkok Intl (VTBD).

Is there an easy way to transfer all the AI traffic which currently uses VTBD over to VTBS?

Many thanks


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Hello Richard,

Might want to check out the editor but not sure if it can be done.

I would assume I have to add the new airport, then stop traffic going to previous airport and then create the same frequency for each airline to the new airport.

Only prolem is that in the instructions with MyTraffic, under the paragraph for "Add new airport", there are no instructions other than a link 'this discussion'. This link however does not work in Adobe Acrobat and I do not have Word on my PC, so how exactly do I add a new airport? When in the Editor it is not clear how to do this.

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Hello Shaun

Did you find a solution for this? I don't want to change to UT only because of Suvarnabhumi airport. I bought the scenery for VTBS and I would like to see some traffic. Unfortunately I can't handle the MyTraffic editor. Only thing I know is that there's no VTBS in the airport list.

I would be grateful for any help.

Best regards

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Hello Folks,

Can someone please copy and paste the link for me so I can ask Burkhard about it.

My problem is not the link to the file mentioned above.

It's even worse ;) I have no idea at all how to redirect all AI planes from VTBD to VTBS.

The link in the instructions file will lead you to the following section of the file:

20) In the Airport menu, what do the various options do?

Edit – Allows you to edit the parameters of an airport.

Import MyAirports.dat – Imports the MyAirports.dat file into the .myt database currently opened in the Editor. For usage in FS2004, its main usage is to have a way to add the names and countries of the airports outside of the editor. Changes of the runways and parkings in this file will not be forwarded, this is the duty of the next file.

Import Airports.txt – The Airports.txt file is a file generated by the Traffictoolbox from within FS2004. To create it, go in FS2004 to the Tools >Traffic Toolbox >Dump Airport List

Note: the Traffictoolbox SDK which includes the Dump Airport List tool can be downloaded from Microsoft’s FS2004 web site at:


Before you start any major project using the Editor, it may be a good idea to study the SDK documentation too.

Enter the following paths in the respective boxes as shown above (path will depend on the location where you have installed MyTraffic)

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\MyTraffic\airports.txt

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\MyTraffic\airportslog.txt

Once you have entered the paths, click on the [begin] button.

When the process is complete, you can close FS2004. The Airports.txt file must be imported into the Editor using the Airport >Import Airports.txt command.

Export MyAirports.dat – This command is only needed if you want to backup or share this file. The file is exported to the same directory in which the Editor is located. It is not required when creating trafficbgl files as it is exported automatically during the process.

Warning: Executing this command will overwrite the MyAirports.dat file currently in the MyTraffic folder. In most cases this should not be a problem but if the data being exported is invalid for any particular reason, then you will not be able to restore the old MyAirports.dat unless you have a backup.

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