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Holiday Airports X- Antalya Preview

Mathijs Kok

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Guest cmjA320

How about doing a product of the most difficult holiday airports in europe such as Arrecife on RW 21,Corfu,Madeira,Salzburg,Dalaman,Gibraltar???

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I am so happy to fly arc-turns leftside the taurus mountains. :D

I experienced over 30 real take off and landings in LTAI.

Please don't forgett to design the city of Antalya.The birdseye view is a fantastic sight.

It does not like your US City Package,but more are better.

At least the skyscrapers is a must.


I hope of a great job Aerosoft.

It is pity about Rainers not conrtibute.

All his preview pix showing a high quality product when it released.

@cmja: I need more infomation about difficult Dalaman.Thx :)

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Guest cmjA320

Dalaman/Mugla is fine if you are landing north but the circle procedure onto 19 can be challenging when the weather is bad.I went there at night last September and the weather(cb) was just bouncing off the hills.We spent forty minutes in the hold as the wind was 180/25.We cannot circle at night so we had to wait until the wind went round to 100/25 to get it.We were lucky ,lots of aircraft diverted that night.

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Thanks for the information about Dalaman RWY 19 :-)

I'am landin' at Dalaman in the early 90'.

It was a stormy weather at night and my stomage looped and jump all the time :wacko::rolleyes:

Now I'am looking for approaching charts.

GAP we have it ,TAP(Turkish Airorts )we need it. :)

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  • Root Admin

Hello! When does the airport come out, finally? I wait quite longingly. Then in 8 weeks I am there to look whether ear everything has made right.

Greetings from Ruhrpott


We are very close to going in beta testing. So it is progressing very well, say 3 weeks or so.

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Hello Mathjis!

I am sorry for my bad English, but I am not a native speaker...

I just have two questions, sorry if it already has been asked:

1.What airports are going to be contained in this package? (Antalya,...?)

My second question is not all about Antalya, but as I am someone, who

just buys boxes, I wanted to ask if it would be possible to bring out

another Holiday Airports Box, containing Nice, Monastir and maybe another airport


Or a box with maybe Trondheim and Rotterdam, called "European Airports",

or something like that...

I just have got my new computer and converted from FS2004 to FSX, and

I found out that Aerosoft already has released quite many airports just

for FSX, but just as a download...but I just buy boxes, and I think

there are quite a couple of people who think the same way as I do.

Thanks for your answer in advance!

Kind regards,


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