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Steve -o-

very bad screen flicker

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I love cbs 2010 but i cant play it now because every time i go to start the game the picture flickers really badly and i was wanting to know what is wrong with the game but the audio still plays ok. The screen flickers when the intro is playing, the main menu and during game play and its the english version.

Here are my system specs: Intel core i5 @ 3.72GHz, 4GB RAM, ATi radeon hd 5870 , Biostar TP55 motherboard and windows 7 home premium 64-bit


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Hello Steve,

Is this in Fullscreen mode, if so what happens if you try Windowed mode.

well i tryed it in full screen mode and the flicker stopped but all of the menu options were off the screen and if i put it back to full screen it just flickers again

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