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Steering Wheel Issues

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I just purchased CBS last night and have discovered that my wheel (the pedals more specifically) are not compatible. Granted, I purchased my Microsoft Percision Racing Wheel quite sometime ago, it has never let me down. I have updated the drivers but to no avail. Everything works expect for the pedals. When I try and assign the throtle/brake to the pedals, it will only assign the Y axis (pedals) to either the throtle OR brake (not both). When it is assigned as such, I can't control the rate of acceleration or braking. For example, if I have assigned the throtle as the Y axis, as soon as I start up and release the parking brake the bus takes off. When it's assigned to the brake, I am never able to move. In short, it seems that the pedals are being recognized but I'm not able to assign them properly in the game. Is this a fixable problem? Any help is GREATLY appreciated!



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