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LSZS Flyoff


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There's a new soaring mission from Spud:

LSZS Flyoff

Here's Spud's description:

It's the final day of the race! The field of 469 pilots has been reduced to the final 5. It's a head to head race, timed start, and all five pilots race around the course at the same time. It's a short course, the fastest time recorded so far is 32:48.9

Pre-installation required ( available at virtualsoaring.org )

Soar DG808S



A big thank you to the respective authors - without these this mission would not be possible!

With the recent release of sim_logger ( igc recorder/re-play ) we can now have other sailplanes flying in a race at the same time that we are!

The mission starts 5 minutes before the start of the race, you are in the air with 4 other sailplanes on the ridge. Work the ridge, gain altitude and wait for the pre-race timer to count down. Don't cross the start line too early or it's game over. It's a 33 minute drag race, there is no time to make up for a mistake, so don't make any!

The download link (requires registration I think) is



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Also read the rest of the topic that B21 refers to. There is also a zip file downloadable with IGC's of simsoarers that flew the mission before. Once downloaded and extracted in the right folder, you can compete with them while flying the mission.


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here is a direct link to the folder


the zip of the race is named LszsFlyoff.zip

the mission comes with 4 igcs ( the first 4 times i flew the course )

when you can beat thoes guys and want real race

download LszsIgc.zip

in fsx...missions\soaring\lszs\mission are the igc files

delete the 4 vspud files and extract the files from lszsigcs.zip into that folder

hodge (H07) has the best time so far

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Just gave this a try. Wonderful Task thanks for this!

My best Time I did in my 2nd try: 30min 38,6 sec. But i will work on it I think there´s some potential. BTW is there a chance to get an red clue on the DG?

Down below you find a zip with the IGC and an bmp with the tTime



Edit: Dear childs don´t try this at Home! :lol: I´ve been a little bit to deep in the last 2 miles.


VSORG_Mission_2010-06-10by rammi.zip

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