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Aerosoft A-321/320 project liveries

Mathijs Kok

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For the previous poster ,

How about looking on page 24 of this thread .

This is one of the reasons that I do not post any screenshots of aircraft that I am working on anymore . Apperently nobody bothers to read the complete thread before posting on subjects that have already been asked / requested and answered many times already .


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A lot of Asian Airlines used both A320/A321, with a lot of aircraft:

AirAsia: A320

Air China: A320, A321

ANA: A321

Asiana: A320, A321

Cebu Pacific: A320

China Eastern Airlines: A320, A321

China Southern Airlines: A320, A321

Dragonair: A320, A321

Juneyao Airlines: A320

Mandala Airines: A320

Philippines Airlines: A320

Shenzhen Airlines: A320

Sichuan Airlines: A320, A321

Silkair: A320

Spring Airlines: A320

Thai AisAsia: A320

Tiger Airways: A320

Vietnam Airlines: A320, A321

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Down Under in Australia and New Zealand, only two airlines operate the 320/321



Unlike Europe and the US we don't have any other options, and it would look plain stupid to operate a North American or a European livery in these countries.

You will sell many copies of the Aerosoft A320 in our two countries, as there are many fanatical committed simmers down here. It is the home of the leading scenery builder Orbx.

But you will increase the incentive to buy this product if you have both of these liveries available on Day 1 for download. (Just don't let anyone produce a Qantas livery, they only fly 737s domestically)

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Yet again paints are being requested that have already been made and screenshots posted in this very thread , Is it really that much trouble to read this thread before posting ?

Jetstar = page 30

Tiger = page 16

Air New Zealand = page 18 & 26

Also screens have been placed and or repaints made of Dragonair , Philipines and Vietnam Airlines but it seems not worth the time to place screens of our work as no one is bothered to actually read this thread from page 1 .

I have already stated in an earlier post that I will not be posting any new screens and judging by the activity on this thread by my colleague painters , they feel the same .

Roll on the release for this product and the paints are uploaded to AVSIM / Flightsim and others .


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

even if it don't exist in reallaty,

what about an Aloha Airlines A320 livery?

I think you could take the pics of an 737 and just make an repaint which looks like that...

Lufthansa Star Alliance livery would be great to...

(sorry if it has been requested befor, but i don't have the time to read this whole tread at the moment)

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John, I shouldn't worry so much about these requests. You just paint what you like, and so will I. If people like them, fine, if they don't, fine too!

If they want a particular one, I'm sure Aerosoft will come with a paintkit in due time.

Me, I use this thread for ideas, I mean I never heard of Air Ivoire before, but it made a nice paint...

Jan Kees

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  • 2 weeks later...

JetStar anyone?

Sweet! My search through this forum has ended!!

Pity this post wasn't in the first half of posts haha.

GREAT Jetstar livery...

Me want!!!

I know a lot of people say "yeah, I thought it was the real plane I was lookin at..." but MATE! The 2nd & 3rd pics are fantastic! I was scrolling down thinking someone had posted pics off Airliners.net to show a repainter the scheme.

Great job FSXAddict!

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Aer Lingus

British Airways

Jet Blue

BMI Britsh Midland


Onur Air


Aer Lingus

BMI British Midland

Onur Air

And I would allow people to create there own repaints to post on AVSIM or flightsim.com like the way Overland did and you could provide a free a paint kit for them on the downloads section!

Is this only compatable for FSX??

Only a suggestion


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Aer Lingus / Greg

I see with your signature that you have just joined the forum here . There are 5 threads about the Airbus X project ( 4 are closed but you can still read them ) - and that is more than 200 pages , this topic has 35 . It might seem a lot of pages but that is because people do not read this thread from the beginning and so continue to ask the same questions and make the same requests for paints again and again .

If you look at the first pages of each of the threads you will find some useful information about the aircraft covered by Aerosoft and in this thread , what we the painters have done .

To help you out , Aerosoft have done British Airways and Lufthansa and all others have been done by the Beta painters here . Have a look on page 20 of this thread for Aer Lingus and Onur .

Jet Blue and BMI have been done by others but have not been posted here ( yet ) .


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