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second hand codes & car booth sales

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We recently have seen a lot of problems with people who buy boxes or single serials (codes) at car booth sales, eBay etc. They find out the product is registered to a person (and in some cases an email) and would not run without having this changed. The best example is Rise of Flight, but the same is true for other products. These customers then come to us with the problem. And we say we have nothing to do with that sale and tell them to go back to the reseller to sort it out. They can then contact us to have this done and we will present them with a invoice for that. When the reseller does not help out you are left with the problem.

So when you want to buy something that way make darned sure you can reach the reseller and that he is willing to sort out the problems resulting from reselling the products that way. We have actually never found any that was willing to do so. They only want your money.

Of course if something like this happens to a solid customer of us we'll sort it out. But please be warned.

Added June 3rd 2012: The new verdict and European law changes nothing in this. We are more then wiling to assist anybody who owns one of our products. The support forums and email are fully available. But the moment you want updates or anything like that you will need to have the product registered and if the original owner did that you will have to ask him to arrange that with us (imagine some idiot telling us he bought your product and you loose access to the updates). We will assist him with pleasure, but as we did not get any of they money he got by selling it we will not do so without a charge. As before, buying a activated product and not arranging the activating being changed is a bit risk.

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