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FSX Crash after leaving 3D Cockpit!

Aaron Walker

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Hi Aaron

As usual, please tell me:

wich OS?

where did you install FSX?

Wich version of the plane?

All instruments on, off? Are there exceptions, or does this happen every time?

Other planes affected, too?

I will try to help, if I get this data.



yeah ok it is every model and no other planes in my FSX Are affected. i have installed FSX in the default path and all the instruments are on? I have Windows XP, don't know if that would have made a difference but I highly doubt it.

Thanks Joachim

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32 bit OS or 64 bit OS?

As beta tester I know that the dev team are working real hard at this. Believe me please. It appears to be a very frustrating and spurious issue that doesn't want to 'follow the rules' - we thought we had the beta nailed at RC time. As beta tester I can only apologise for myself for not having reported this forcibly enough - we really did think it was my PC, because replacing my RAM appeared to fix the problems. (I have had a CTD since - but after installing the release candidate - too late.)

Thought for anyone with a bit of "hard core" programming knowledge - does anyone know whether RAM-resident operations (for windows or other background programs) move around in RAM? Likewise something in the FS models? This might point out why CTDs are happening at different times - because it is taking time for a "Discus operation" to reach the same place in RAM as some "other" program - and then they clash... i.e. subroutines with the same names or data calls feeding the wrong binary to the wrong place at the wrong time?

Perhaps... there is a 32 bit call clashing with a 64 bit call. Remember, FSX sits in a separate folder on 64bit OS - "c:program files (x86)...." which is a 32 bit sandpit - and 64 bit code here will hiccup, no?

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