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FSX stops working as soon as I attempt to load Discus glider

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In an attempt to fix the CTD's some users are experiencing, please try this:

Download these files (all of them please):

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package:


Language packs for above:


Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86):


SP1 and language pack for above:


For 64 bit systems install:


Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Redistributable Package:


Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 1:


Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5:


C++ 2005 Redist.:


C++ 2005 Redist. SP1:


C++ 2008 Redist.:


C++ 2008 SP1 Redist.:


Please install them in the above order.

But note that I won´t take any responsibility for mishaps that happens when installing the above files ;)

Normally these files are installed with Windows, and updated via the Windows update.

Also check with Microsoft Windows updater, that no updates related to the above are missing.

I´m 98% sure that the problem relates to some of the above files.


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Just for information,

The divers versions of the .net things etc are not UPDATED versions of the same thing, they exist next to each other on your computer in separate folders. If a program is compiled with the .net 2.0 runtime it will look for that on your computer. So though you might need all of these files, they are a pretty good thing to have on your computer. They do NOT slow anything down as they are only loaded when called.

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My FSX also crashes when I Load the Discus.

Answers to the questions:

1. FSX installed as default

2. Vista 32

3. Yes, admin

4. UAC enable

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turn off the UAC..it's the only way it worked for me. It's a bit o a pain since some of my other programs don' work with it off.

so I have to turn on/off a couple of times a day which requires a re-boot.

try it anyways..


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Actually i tried everything i know now.

CumulusX installed uninstalled - nothing

WinchX uninstalled - nothing

Start behind plane (SHIFT+CRTL+Y) - nothing

I bought Active Sky Advvanced today and turned CumulusX off to get the real weather thermics and it still CTD.

Entering the Discus right after loading screen - CTD

START on WinchX - CTD

Start successful, at 4000ft nothing special done - CTD

5 minutes in the air everything fine - CTD

I can not nail it to one thing that's happening shortly before CTD or a thing i am doing to provoke the CTD. It just happens or not.

Three days i fly this plane now and made about 25 attempts, had 5 wonderful flights, 10 flights without thermic (me doing it wrong) and 10 CTD on different occasions AND different Places at different times with our without Active Sky/ CumulusX)

So, sorry, i don't know any more things to try on.

I hope, you giys at Aerosoft and you, Jochen keep the patience and make it work somehow.

Best of luck, Mario.

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I tried again and the "crash" occurs with the engine stowed and me increasing the throttle on my Saitek X-52, but it is intermittent it does not occur on every flight and it is only the BM. Probably idiosyncratic.



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It would make sense that everybody with a Vista CTD have a look at the Vista problem history (control panel - problem reports and solution) and post the FSX crash related content.

I reported earlier that i got rid of the crashes by repairing C++ 2008, but i forgot to mention another step i took - i use only the sim probe ridge lift together with CumulusX, the thermals are disabled (only a green box behind sim probe, nowhere else on the CX control panel). Maybe worth a try ?


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Hi again

Now I´ve tried everything I can find in these posts, no Winch X, rename B21_vario, new ASC, with and without Cumulus X, disable my UAC. Nothing works.

Hope there is a solution soon



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U seem to have a "special" issue

What does FSX exactly, and when?

Please describe it more detailed.

Best regards Joachim

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If its any help to anyone i have moved to Windows 7 64bit and the glider works sweet as a nut, no issues whatsoever :)

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U seem to have a "special" issue

What does FSX exactly, and when?

Please describe it more detailed.

Best regards Joachim

Hi there J.Schweigler

I´ll try to explain what happens. When I start FSX it works perfectly. In free flight I can choose wich aircraft I want, except the Discus. When I select it, it pops up in the preview window with no textures and then, like a second later FSX crash.

If I start FSX in freeflight with another plane and fly around a bit, then change to Discus, it´s the same thing, I can see the Discus panel without any gauges for a second, then crash.

I recently (last week) reinstalled my PC, or more exactly I did a Factory Image Restore. And as far as I can tell all Windows updates is there.

I have FSX Acceleration, it´s the only game I have on this computer.

My computer: Dell XPS 430

Vista 32 service pack 2


Dual Core 3.0GHz

ATI 4850

Hope this is for some use...


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