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Just wanted to make something very clear, so there is no misunderstanding about that that.

The moment we found out that FSX would not allow an motorized glider to be towed up by a tow aircraft we had a major problem. This problem was solved when Peter Lürkens released WinchX! and we immediately contacted him to make an agreement to be able to include WinchX! into the distribution. He's a nice guy and we got an agreement very fast. But we don't sell WinchX! okay? We just got his permission to include it. It was this or a link in the manual and as it is such a vital part of what gliders do in FSX we really wanted to include it. WinchX! is freeware and until Peter tells me different it will stay that way.

Peter also told me that his hobby work for FSX is hosted on a site with limited bandwidth and that we link his page with his downloads from our product page. This could lead to his page being overloaded. So I added CumulusX! and it's help files to this post. Be so kind and download them from here and not his page.




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