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As most of the time I copy the latest read me to the forums so customers know of certain limitations or known issues. It's a bit of a list this time but when in use you will hardly notice any of these things.


Aerosoft Discus Glider X ReadMe 1.00. September 4th 2009

This text holds the information we gathered after the manual was created.



- For all support, come to our forum: http://aerosoft-shop.com/forum.htm



1.00 Release



As FSX does not have a full feature set for gliders (and even less for motorized gliders) there are a few limitations you should be aware off.

  • Waterballast tanks are always full on loading of the aircraft. This is unavoidable, use the aircraft menu to empty it when desired.
  • Winch rope intrudes cockpit/Ground seen through cockpit floor. Unsolvable FSX camera clipping problem seen when objects are very close.
  • Volume setting of the C4 not working. Not solvable at the moment. Being looked at.
  • Setup menu in C4 missing. As this is not needed (and would make it easy to confuse the computer this is not simulated.
  • BT engine stops when the nose hits the sound. Unavoidable due to a limitation in contact points.
  • Tow aircraft not available for the BM and BT models. Unavoidable, FSX simply refuses the tow option if an aircraft has any sort of engine.
  • Engine running after slew mode from ground. Unavoidable as FSX thinks you're in a motorized aircraft, it immediatly stops though.
  • BM prop stops very fast. Unavoidable as it needs to stop in the correct position (to fold into the fuselage)



- We got some issues with ground roll sounds,these are being addressed.



- There is a very active glider group on our forums. Look for the SOAR people at:http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showforum=161

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