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It has been a while...


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I've been gone from the scene for quite a while, real life got a bit too...real. But I'm tentatively re-installing FSX, CuX, SimProbe, the SOAR DG-808 and TileProxy.

This is a new place, yes? I recognize the people, but not the forums...

hi ddddrueding - Aerosoft kindly agreed to host the SOAR forums and it's been working very well. Mathias is particularly 'glider-friendly' so its a good fit. After a very long development, on Sept 4th Aerosoft are bringing out a Discus with three variants (B - plain glider, BM - self-launch motor glider, BT - with a turbo sustainer). Peter has provided the winch and I've programmed the varios/yawstring. If you haven't seen it, take a peek at the pictures and videos in the 'Preview' forum...


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