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Ground vehicles package

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Hi to all of you!

Will there be made a payware ground vehicles package for a scenery program sometime?

In the scenerys from you there is thise ground vehiles a round the airports you made.

So i thought there perhaps also i a market for such a package with ground vehiles so the user can modify the airport of own choice..

I know that you can use AES if the airport are made for it.

I am thinking that if you got a non AES airport such as EKCH ( Kastrup ) in Denmark. This scenery is a little bit boring because it does not have scenery objects such as vehiles and other things there belongs in a big international airport.

There is exististing a scenery program " EZ-Scenery" but there is no " european ground vehiles package" for the moment so my thought is in that direction.

Maybe it will be an idea if Aerosoft perhaps could made such a payware package with all thise objects included so i will be possible to make your own modification in your favorite airports?

The best regards to you all from raining Denmark tongue.gif


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