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Massive problem with Madeira X!


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Hi, hope someone can help with this. I have installed madeira x and everything seems to be at the wrong altitude. I am below the level of the runway by about 100ft and cars are flying and things seem to be floating. I saw Ken's post about a similar problem but i can't find any conflicting AFCADs. I'm in a right pickle with this one!

I've attached a few screenshots.




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Hello Daleboy,

If you have both, then move the APX43200.bgl and cvx4320.bgl files out of FSX so as to keep them safe and then start FSX and see if the problem has gone if its gone then you can assume that its fixed and you can then delete the files you moved..

IMPORTANT TO ALL USERS FOR MADEIRA. IT'S FIXED and I found the Solution with all of your help. BUt I read a post by Shaun Fletcher that mentions this

"Please check the FAQs section of the manual, it explains about this issue" after he commented on Daleboy's page. Daleboy had duplicate files like this,

APX43200.bgl and APX43200.madeira, the same with the cvx files. What Shaun told him to do is move them out of the folder APX 43200.bgl and cvx 4320.bgl

Well rather than move them out of the folder I changed the name of the file from APX43200.bgl to APX43200.madeira1 and did the same thing to cvx4320.bgl changed it to cvx4320.madeira1. It will ask you if you are sure you want to do this, so just say YES to that. This file is located in Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery, go to 0502 open it up and you will find them there.

I then started up FSX and chose Madeira and IT'S FIXED, no more city in the sky.


Thank you Shaun Fletcher and Gaura and the rest of you that offered support and help

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