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Left-hand (port) Cargo Doors?

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I mostly fly SAAB and Jetstream turboprops and these airframes are equipped with their own air-stairs so most of AES features are redundant :(

Now ive had a search about on these forums and not found anything unless i worded it wrong?

Regional turboprops tend to have the cargo hold door on the left of the aircraft but this isnt covered in AES, i was hoping it would have been added by now and im very reluctant to pay out for more credits due to this so there must be more like me? :)

AES is still one of my fave FS addons but for 10/10 i think it needs this too :)

Cheers, Dave

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I'm using Mike Stone's ATR & post configuration I have an airstair appear at the left rear drop-down steps when I didn't ckeck that door. I checked the front left but nothing appears there. I do get a nice luggage conveyor at rear right & even though I've often checked that door before on other aircraft but have never seen this iten until today!!

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