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Temporary Suspension Of New Membership

Karen Hamilton

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We have temporarily suspended all new registrations due to a flood of probably bogus registrations!! We have also deleted all registrations that occurred after 1 Oct, 2008.

If you registered legitimately and your membership has been deleted, please drop us an emal and we will restore your membership.

Unfortunately there has been a bunch of registrations each day with weird names and all originating from either a Russian domain or g-mail. Our normal traffic for new registrations is one or two every few days/week. We are trying to determine if this is an attack on our board or something completely innocent and just a coincidence.

Ian, could you offer your opinion and check out the board settings to see if they can be improved for more security? Thanks!

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After releasing the SOAR-DG808S some folks had questions about it and couldn't ask them on this forum, because the registration-proces is blocked, due to recent hack-attacks.

Luckely some of them asked there questions on another forum, that I happen to visit also. But it would be good to have those maybe-to-become simglider-freaks ask their questions here in this message-board.

I found a post on another forum where they had simulair problems with hacks/unwanted members. The solution they used to prevent "robot-users" to register and start spreading spam on the forum is to include a simple question in the registration process that only can be answered by a living person. Source: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthrea...;highlight=spam.

Is it something to implement on the SOAR site as well, so we can welcome new members again.


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