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Rules for Virtual Soaring


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Friends, pilots, soaring-men,

lend me your ears! I come to bury Caesar not to praise... Stop. That's wrong somehow.

Those of you knowing Shakespears original will agree that this is one of the best starts of a powerful speach. Well, that could be the reason, why I messed this up.

Starting from scratch:

Everyone will agree that some rules are neccessary for a community to live peaceful together and still survive long enough.

For virtual soaring, I started to write down some personal rules, coming from experiance and common sense. As for others not needing to make same errors while virtually beeing up there in dangerous altitude, I consider it important to publish them here.

Feel free to complete them with our own personal rules, as those are as important for others to survive, as are mine. I think we can make a really funny thread out of this... did I write "funny"? - I meant "informative" instead. :embaressed: :whistling:

Rule 1:

Don't write emails or explore the internet while flying close to a ridge. This can be extremely dangerous! :embaressed:

Rule 2:

If you're wondering why your plane is falling like a brick... check gear, spoilers and flaps. Effect can be a great relieve when you get that spoilers back in :lightbulb:

Rule 3:

"Every cloud has a silver lining" - When you're flying right throug a cloud in multiplayer, the silver lining could be reflections on the wing of another pilot ignoring that gliders fly under VFR. In that case he's most probably flying towards you. A collision might be the result. :blush:

Rule 4:

"Think positive - flaps negative" is not always a good idea. Especially when you're already near Vne.

Rule 5:

Tow pilots are stupid. Be happy that they are. It's always a good idea to have an idiot to blame when you're flying awfully again. :yahoo:

Rule 6 (by "fosterlewis"):

Only throw out the pee-bag when over another gliding airfield.


Hope you now know how important this thread could be, if developed in the right direction.

Please help to save virtual lifes.




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LOL - 6. Only throw out the pee-bag when over another gliding airfield.


Hey, nice one Ian! :big_boss:

And important in RL, too. Even more important, I should say.

Well, to be honest, I have a quite satisfactory hardware equipment for virtual soaring, but I still don't have neither any liquid nor any olfactory devices installed. Now I know: I never will install. :angel:

However, No. 6 adopted. :thanks:

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