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Cumulus X lying on the ground

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Just checking that instead of checking the box "all weather stations (settings applying to individual stations will be lost)

I should be checking the box for an individual weather station that is a long way away (like in the next state)?


No sorry - I'm assuming you have *already* created the free flight with the global weather settings, and then from within that flight you go into the 'weather menu' to *check* the weather settings as follows:

When you go in to the 'weather' settings for the free flight you've already created, you actually click on the 'weather station' in the map displayed on the weather page, i.e. you *click* where I put the *red circle* on the image in my previous post, to select that individual weather station. You can also select an individual weather station by dragging a small box around it with the mouse. *When* that weather station is selected, the radiobuttons area at the top of the screen will automatically change from 'All weather stations' to 'A specific weather station' and the name of the station selected will appear next to the 'A specific weather station' text.

Then when you click 'Advanced weather' it will show you the weather settings *for the selected weather station* and you can make sure these are the same as the global settings you set.


* load your free flight with the global weather

* select 'weather' from the menu

* select a single weather station from the map either by clicking on it or dragging a box around it (this was the bit needed clarifying I think)

* click the 'advanced weather' button

* confirm the weather at this weather station matches the global settings you intended to create.


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