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CumulusX! exception on quit FSX


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CumulusX! is consitently giving me an exception error if it's still open when I quit FSX:

I've tried 'autostart' but thick as I am I can't work out what that actually does, even after reading Peter's instructions, and it doesn't prevent this exception when I quit FSX.


Peter is aware of this problem and has a fix in his next release, he says:

QUOTE(bruin @ Jan 16 2008, 07:17 PM)

Maybe it should exit automatically, but I still get the error-message that I mentioned earlier. I have AutoSart checked, and that part is working oke.

Peter responded:

Okay, I think I got it. The problem is, that the connection to FSX is no longer existing, when CX! receives the quit signal from FSX. Still it tries to restore FSX default conditions, which causes the error message. After that the callback function exits immediately and the rest of the code, including the exit command is no more executed, which leaves the (funny) the program alive.

Expect a solution in the next release.

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