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FSX Acceleration Pack and Flight1's Ultimate Terrain USA X

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I have Flight1's Ultimate Terrain USA X installed in FSX, and I must say that it really does a great job of enhancing the VFR scenery. Roads, highways, coastlines, landclass, rivers & lakes, etc look much more realistic now. However, after installing the FSX Acceleration pack, I was in for a BIG surprise. All roads, highways, and interstates were gone. All water features, including oceans, were gone! You can imagine how happy I was with this. Fortunately Flight1 has a small patch that fixes a few small scenery files, and a procedure for restoring all of the landclass and water features. After running the patch, and running the UTX Setup program again, all is as it was. I would recommend Ultimate Terrain USA X to anyone who wants really nice VFR scenery.

I thought I would post a few images of what the world would loook like with no water or oceans. I took these screenies before I leaned how to restore the textures.

Imagine several millennia in the future. Global warming has caused all of the great oceans of the Earth to either dry up, or shrink to a fraction of their previous glory. Sadly, mankind has died out, and now all that is left are the ancient ruins of a once mighty empire. It is a bright, sunny day above the ancient city of San Fransisco, once a jewel sitting on the edge of a mighty bay. You take a flight in an ancient primitive flying machine, the last of your kind...



The rusting ancient hulks of mans mighty fighting machines litter the dry sea bottoms of the world....


And mankind's once proud memorials to long forgotten conflicts slowly crumble to dust...


As you leave the long abandoned shoreline for the final time, you head out over the globe-encompassing savannah; all that is left of the once great Pacific ocean...


(Insert Twilight Zone theme music here)

The procedure for fixing UTX after the FSX Acceleration Pack install is here:


Randy L.


"Well, my days of not taking you seriously

are certainly coming to a middle."

-Malcom Reynolds - Captain of 'Serenity'

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Man! That was heart wrenching! And I know it was for you when you first took a look inside the new world of FSX Acceleration. I'm glad you got it fixed alright. So far I've seen the windshield/canopy problem on my computer, but that's about it. Although I did have some missing textures show up unexpectedly in our SOAR Ranch old FS2004 scenery installed in FSX. I haven't got the window/canopy problem taken care of yet, I'm not sure I have the tools to fix it, and I'm kinda waiting and hoping maybe the designer comes back to FSX and maybe fixes it.


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