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St. Crepin 51km Task


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Well, I finally had time today to fly without interuption. That's right, the "pause" button was never pressed to my surprise. I don't always git to sit down for an extended period of time without using it several times during a flight.

On to my flight! I loaded up the buochsch(SwissAlps) turnpoint data file into FSZweverView2 and made a short task of 51km.

I took off from Saint Crepin behind the towplane, then when I reached a reasonable altitude, I released and went back to the start back at the St. Crepin turnpoint which served as the start/finish.

After crossing the starting point, I got some much needed altitude from a nearby thermal. Then headed north toward turnpoint1(Briancon).

After turnpoint1, I made the mistake of choosing the wrong thermal for the amount of altitude I had and couldn't clear the ridge to get to it. So I had to go back around a mountain to get to the nearest thermal that I could get to.

Heading for Turnpoint2(Brascheval).

I didn't quite get to turnpoint2 without having to gain some more altitude. I probably wasted a little time in that thermal because I didn't know what height I needed to gain that turnpoint.

After reaching turnpoint2 I had a great shot for the finish. With the lack of experience of the fundamentals of the performance of the glider, it probably took longer to reach the finish only a few minutes away. My flight time ended up being 54minutes6seconds for the 51km course. I flew the DG808S with a modified panel by me, which looks really crued. Maybe I'll have to see if I can find the minipanel and see if it will do the trick in this plane.

I had a great time, and what made it really great was no interuptions!


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