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We're Back!!

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No doubt many of you were aware that our forums were down for about a week. Many sent me emails, and I'm sorry that I was only able to respond to some of them. Nonetheless, we're back.

The Iboard version wew were using was no longer supported, and it was the membership database that somehow became corrupted. Those who cleared their cookies (or block them) saw that the forums were still there, but attempting to log in caused fatal errors that none of your intrepid admins knew how to correct. None of the MySQL or PHPmyAdmin tools worked to repair the problem.

The solution was a bit tough to swallow, but absolutely necessary to preserve the content of the board. I contacted Invision directly, and purchased a yearly license and tech support for $69.95. After a few problems and communication lag, their people completely upgraded our board to the newest version, and repaired the errors for us. My thanks to Invision.

You'll notice that some of the smileys are broken...it is because I added them to the board individually a long time ago. Had I uploaded any new skins or other 3rd party mods, they too would have been lost. The important thing of course is that we now have a better board, and have preserved the previous content to the best extent possible. Please don't email me if something like a file link in a post no longer works. If something seems "missing", simply post a request for the specific file(s) and it's guaranteed that one of your friends will have it to send to you. I won't have a lot of time to redo the little custom touches to the board, so please be patient.

Thanks to everyone for hanging in there!!


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Hi there

This morning I discovered this new message board, but many icons were missing. So I tried with a different skin (IPB 2.1 Defaut). Since I did that, when I log in with my user name, there's nothing I can do without ending in an "Oops" page... I tried to change back the skin, but it doesn't work...

Is there something you or I can do?


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Hmm...I thought it was skins OTHER than the default that were causing problems.

I also thought that I had removed the old useless ones from being visible on the board, but obviously that is not the case.

I'll try to change your skin back through the admin control panel by editing your member details. That should get it back. Then I'll have to find a way to completely uninstall the old useless skins so others don't have this problem. The skin you originally saw, is the only one that I believe works at present.

Let me know if you still have trouble.

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Good to see our forum again !

You wrote on the main page :

A big thank you goes to our friends at Air Pyrenees Serveur for helping us while our forum was down!!

Please visit them at http://air-pyrenees-serveur.com

So I put your kind words on the APS forum and Patrice (El-Patri, the APS boss) answered :

Je regrette qu'une chose. C'est de ne pas pouvoir communiquer avec eux pour leur dire combien nous avons été ravi de les accueillir sur notre forum. Peut être, Mic, pourrais tu transmettre l'info en notre nom ?

Which means : I have only one regret, it's that I'm unable to communicate with SOAR members to say how much we have been really happy to welcome them on our forum. Please Mic, could you said it to SOAR on behalf of our name ?

Well that's done !

As I wrote on APS forum, it become evident that the only official language in aviation is the passion of flight !

Thanks for your implication Chris about the job done to recover the forum.

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