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Antarctica X Preview (released, topic closed)


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What can we expect in regard to icebreakers and other vessels from the Antarctic?

Hello Michael,

there are three vessels included, all highly detailed, landable and following their scheduled routes:

First the German RV Polarstern (currently at Rothera base):




you will also find the US icebreaker USGC Healey travelling between McMurdo and Terra Nova Bay:




Here enroute through the ice passage from McMurdo


The third will be a fictious vessel between Casey and Mawson:




have fun! :glare_s:

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Will this be a launcher product?

If you mean if this will include the Launcher, yes. You will need to register this online (just as you did with FSX and the windows OS you run it on). Piracy is too damaging not to take some precautions. Do note that a lot of stuff you might have read about the Launcher is totally nonsense. You will see that almost all FS addon will be protected next year. We know almost all publishing houses are working on it.

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