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Just a query regarding your pricing. I was looking to buy a copy of TSR Autobrake. The price shown on the website I found was $18.99 USD. Using a currency converter that came out as £13.45 UK pounds.

When I went to buy it however, and went to the checkout, the price was shown as 17.95 Euro which according to my currency converter is £16.10 UK pounds.

I appreciate its not a huge difference but i cant understand why I should be charged more than the price shown.

I have not bought the product yet and will not unless the above can be explained.

Thanks in advance

Steve Mckenna

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  • Root Admin
Hello Steve,

Possibly VAT added to the purchase!

The main currency for the site is Euro's so you should use Euro's as your guideline.

Think we can explain that better. First of all, take note we charge in Euro, what you pay is what your bank thinks the euro is worth at that moment, we have no control over that. We can only say that we get what we charge in Euro, ok?

The product costs: 15.08 euro

If you buy this from inside the EEC you got to pay VAT and this will make it 17.95 euro

If you buy this from the UK you should expect to pay something close to 13.51 GBP (or with tax 16.08 GBP)

If you buy this from the USA (and don't have to pay the tax) this would be something around $19.02

But again these are the currency rates from this morning from the European Central bank and your own bank could handle it different. But we got zero control over that. Most of the time this is hardly an issue, but you should check and ask your bank why they charged you more then we got. Because no matter what, we get 15.08 Euro for the sale.

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