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Aerosoft Mega Airport Paris Charles de Gaulle

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Many thanks to Xavier, the newest member of Jaggyroad Films for the creation of this wonderful video. Cheers!

YouTube Stream:

SimTube Stream:


WMV Download:


DivX Download:



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Mr. Cody Bergland,

Mr. Franthree statements got me thinking about the vehicles and even AES. I just noticed, after a re-viewing the video that you've mentioned AES Lite for Vehicles and other objects, etc... Is this version, of AES Lite, an FSX Version (ie. AES X v2.00)?

Is there AES for FSX? I never seen it!---maybe video maker here got a beta version of AES for FSX! ;)

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Can anyone please help me with Charles De Gaulle Airport By Aersoft fs2004? I lost the serial code to the installer can anyone email it to me please? (Holderasoni@gmail.com) I need it urgently asap :mecry_s:


No one can send you your code as you should be the only one with it.

If you have lost it you need to contact the shop you purchased it from so they can resend it to you.

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I have purchased the DVD version of Paris CDG FSX about a year ago. I also have the download version of EDDH & EDDF both of which I was able to update.

Can one update a DVD version or is that not an option?



Of course you can! Go to aerosoft.com, select your language/country, then go to "FAQ/Updates" under "Support/Service". After you logged in, you'll be able to register any aerosoft product as BOX OR DOWNLOAD version. After you registered your products, you can choose one and look for updates.

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