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December Screenshot Competition.

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Hello Folks,

I little bit of editing but not to much, this month we will allow overlays of Seasonal Items like Santa's decorations etc etc should you wish to make it look seasonal. But for normal screenshots we would like to be able to see that the picture is from Flight Sim. So a little but not a lot if you get my meaning.

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So here is my December screen shot.

This was a nice winter sightseeing flight in the Tyrolean Alps, Austria. Starting in Innsbruck (LOWI), flying though Gaistal valley, over Ehrwald, crossing Fernpass and then flying over Hahnntenjoch pass (the street in the picture) which is a connection between the area of Gurgltal/city of Imst and the Lechtal valley. In reality this street is closed in winter. In summer this is a well known motorcycle tour within a really impressing alpine landscape. Heading for a landing on LOIR airfield (short runway!) near the Ausserfern area capital town Reutte.


FSX Global 2008, Austria Professional X scenery, Active SkyX and XGraphics.



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Here is mine first entry ever.

Shot taken near KASE, used FSEarth Tiles for textures. Actually I don't like too much to fly with FSEarth Tiles textures because there are no seasonal changes, but you can enjoy VFR, and you can make some nice screenshots.

Also used Active Sky X and FEX.


good luck to everybody. :)

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Last flight from March Airforce Base in California.

DHL CS 757 over the Rockies beginning decent through the snowstorm in late afternoon. Delivering it's last Christmas presents. Sort of a tribute to the thousands of DHL employees loosing their jobs over the Christmas Season as DHL is closing most of it's bases and shutting down operations in the US. I don't know anyone at DHL but I know the feeling. Last year I lost my job at MAXjet day before Christmas. :(

Most people don't know but DHL (originally standing for Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn) was founded and started operations in California in 1969. It flew shipment sorties between California and Hawaii.


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