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Release: Aes 1.98

Mathijs Kok

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What is new in Version 1.98:

This version will add a lot of new Airports to AES, some of them are released in the last days. For Overland we add the support of the older Volumes 5 and 6 and the new Volume 9. The rest of the volumes will follow later, when the airports are updated to the AES ready status by Overland. The long awaited airport JFK New York, designed by FSDreamTeam is also included now. After longer discussion, we now can also provide the first Airport of the UK2000 xtrem Serie by Gary Summons for AES, in this pack Birmingham is included. Other will follow.

Here the list of Airports in this release:

Simmer's Sky - Japanese Airports vol.5 (Overland)

RJBB - Osaka Kansai (3 - Credits)

RJBD - Nanki-Shirahama (1 - Credit)

RJBH - Hiroshima-Nishi (free 0 - Credits)

RJBT - Tajima (free 0 - Credits)

RJOK - Kochi (1 - Credit)

( Simmarket Overland Volume 5 )

Simmer's Sky - Japanese Airports vol.6 (Overland)

RJDC - Yamaguchi-Ube (1 - Credit)

RJOA - Hiroshima (1 - Credit)

RJOM - Matsuyama (1 - Credit)

RJOO - Osaka Intl. (2 - Credits)

RJOY - Yao (free 0-Credits)

( Simmarket Overland Volume 6 )

Note: AES will only be compatible to the new versions of the volumes 5+6, which will

be not now available! It will be release the next days. User, who got this sceneries

from Simmarket or Simmer’s Sky before, needs to look for the update, provided at

the Overland Download Page in the next days.

Simmer's Sky - Japanese Airports vol.9 (Overland)

RJFK - Kagoshima (1 - Credit)

RJFM - Miyazaki (1 - Credit)

RJFR - New Kitakyushu (free 0-Credits)

RJFU - Nagasaki (1 - Credit)

ROAH - Naha (2 - Credits)

( Simmarket Overland Volume 9 )


KJFK - John F. Kennedy New York (5 - Credits)


Note: The secondary Jetways at some positions of Terminal 1 are not animated in

AES and will be static, because FSDreamTeam has add this jetways fix to the

scenery, so that AES can’t remove them.


EGBB - Birmingham (2 - Credits)



ESSA - Stockholm Arlanda (3 - Credits)



TNCA - Aruba (1 - Credit)

( Simmarket )

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