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Paderborn Lippstadt Airport

Mathijs Kok

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  • Root Admin

Of course this is a special airport for us as our HQ is located at this airport. Development has been going of for a while in a professional and an FSX version and is now far enough to show a few preview images. Still a lot to add but I think you will agree it starts to looks good! We'll inform you with more details later. Release is scheduled in September.















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  • Deputy Sheriffs
I had earlier asked for a hint about where you're located on the airport, but then found the location on Google Earth. Just curious what the galactic headquarters of aerosoft looks like in real life.

Any thoughts of doing an "Easter Egg" such as the one in, I think, FS98? If you taxied into the specific building at the Redmond West campus of Microsoft where FS was developed, you could see a mural type photo of the development team.


Herman Ross

Seattle, USA

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  • Root Admin
I recognised this straight away..........even before spotting the Aerosoft logo on the wall. So where's your office Mathijs?


Actually I am not in that office. I am too smelly and uncivilized to be let loose in the HQ. So they keep me in my home office in the Dordogne/France. Where it was a balmy 27 degrees and I can work on the terras the whole day. Actually there are a lot of Aerosoft people not working in that office,we got people all over the place as some people work better from home.

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That could be a while, as soon as I know we'll tell more. But not in the next weeks.

Oh no...more money going out of my account and into yours when this goes FS9...let me guess im gona have to buy more AES credits to go with it..!!!!

Lets hope its not too long a wait


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