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M2 or SSD

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Hi All, needing some advice please. I currently have XPlane 11 on an ssd and am also looking at purchasing MSFS. Before I do that, I will be purchasing a new PC. My question is this: should I get two M.2 ssd's one for each of the sims - say 250gb, and 2 SATA SSD's, minimum 1tb each for additional scenery, planes etc, or should I just go ssd and not worry about the M2? Or the other option is all M2 and no SATA? The mother board I am looking at can take 4 each of the SATA and 4 M2.


Aby advice would be appreciated please.


Kind Regards


Gary Lewis  

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Here you are (as per my very knowledgeable colleague Tom)


Realistically an SSD vs a M.2 SSD is going to be very specific to either the SSD or M.2 SSD you choose, because ultimately M.2 is just a form factor.

For m.2 there's SATA, PCIe and NVMe (and also don't forget the different generation types), and not all motherboards support all three, or might even only support one.

(E.g my motherboard only supports 1 SATA M.2, while the other 2 are PCIe m.2 only).
Here's a good post : https://uk.crucial.com/articles/about-ssd/m2-with-pcie-or-sata

so you should really just go with whatever fits your budget.

I would recommend just getting a single large SSD for both the sims and scenery though.
Splitting it up into multiple drives doesn't really give any benefit other than make it more confusing.

And even a 256 GB ssd for just the main sim is going to fill up really quickly.

Plus with a single large SSD you'll have enough available slots to easily install a new one if it fills up,
compared to the 4 ssd plan that wouldn't leave any future room to expand other than replacing one.

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Thank you for your response. I have had a look and think I am going to get 2 x 4tb SATA SSD's, one for each sim. That way I can get 2 more if needed.





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