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Install FlightFactor aircraft in both simulators on the same computer and hard drive

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I have FlightFactor aircraft installed in X-Plane 11. On the same hard drive I also have X-Plane 12 installed. My question is: I can also install the same planes in X-Plane 12 without having license problems.

I think this may be a serious problem. I have always thought that online activations are a problem for the buyer of original and legal products.



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Hello Heinz,

I'll submit a ticket to the developer and see what they says.

When I know something I'll let you know.

If people refused to buy these products with activation all these problems would not happen. And me the first.


Thank you

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You can indeed install both side by side, I've done it myself.

BUT you may run into license activation limits if you try to activate a license too many times (this shouldn't be a problem just installing them side by side, but if you swap simulators to new computers frequently it happens).

In that case, you should submit a ticket for license reactivation.

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Hello jwenting,


In my case, and as I explain to Heinz, same computer and same hard drive.

Thanks for your comment. Activation licenses are a inconvenience for the user even if they give you support later.


Thank you

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