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CRJ Throttle Levers not moving

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I followed the tutorial in this forum to calibrate my honeycomb bravo throttle to the aircraft. It’s stated to ensure the CRJ throttle levers move when you move the bravo. That is not working for me. In the calibration screen, the numbers move but since the levers themselves are not, I can’t go off the detents. 

Any help would be appreciated!



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@SimWare Thank you for the response. I followed tutorial that’s listed in this Forum. In the YouTube video, the person opens the EFB, selects next page, and clicks Calibrate. The second camera shows him moving the throttles and you can hear the different detents in the aircraft so you know where you are. When I move my throttles, I do not hear the detents in the aircraft and if I move my camera to look at the levers they are not moving.

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  • Aerosoft



You don't need to see or hear the throttles in the cockpit.

The system is as follows : 
1-Set the Bravo lever on a marking (symbolizing a detent)

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2 - Press the corresponding "SET" buttons in the EFB

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3 - Repeat these steps for all the detents.

4 - Press "VALIDATE".
     The goal of the EFB calibartion algorithm is to make the levers in the cockpit match the levers in the Bravo.
--> There is therefore no need to see the levers moving in the cockpit.



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  • Aerosoft

Also, I checked and as a matter of fact, the throttles levers in the cockpit do not move while the EFB is open in calibration mode.
So it seems your system is perfectly working.
Just follow the steps described in my post above and it should be fine.


Best regards.

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