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So, I bought the Honeycomb yoke & throttle on Thursday last week. Now, 3 days later I still cannot get the buttons to work.

some buttons on the yoke will work if configured within key assignments in pmdg.

I fail to understand why an addon like this is so complicated to configure.

I am so frustrated that I am about ready to box it all up and return the lot to the shop I bought it from.

1) sim is Prepar3d v5.5

2) I downloaded & installed the latest drivers (2.2)

3) I downloaded and installed the profile for the PMDG 737ngxu

4) ALL cables are connected.

5) YES I did activate P3DV5 and I did activate and load the profiles.


  A) PMDG737. If I use the default profile for the throttles then I get working lights but no buttons that will work.

    If I use BFC_Throttle_Config.jsn  then I do not get any lights at all and still no buttons that work.

The yoke lights up, but I get no working buttons except the hat and next view.

I have searched youtube and watched dozens of videos, but still I cannot win. Is this just a bad product or is just not compitable

with PMDG or P3D5.3. To use the configurator I think one has to be a rocket scientist to try and re-program a button. WHY?????

What is wrong with simplicity.

And, just for the record, I am not a novice around computers. 





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hi thanks for the reply.

I have tried all those steps over the past few days. As per my original post, I am using P3d V5 not MSFS.

The unit is brand new and I have checked the cables etc and have done multiple calibrations. 

On the Alpha & Bravo, I now have all the lights working, but most of the buttons still do not work.

The only communication with the sim is with the buttons & switches that I have been able to set through either FSUIPC or 

key mappings through the sim. All the buttons such as lights,  hdg, alt, nav,  do not do not communicate at all.



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  • Aerosoft

Here is the tutorial for PMDG and P3D.



Did you check the basic electrical functionality as per the first tutorial I sent you? 

This is paramount prior to any other test.

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Yes, as stated in previous messages, everything is activated and loaded correctly.

Upon activating, a message is received on top of the screen to say that AFC_Bridge loaded 46 bindings etc etc etc.

There is communication, but no buttons will work accept the Autopilot (throttle) which I assigned in PMDG key settings

and buttons 5&6 (Yoke) which I was able to assign to brakes & parking brakes also in key settings..

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  • Aerosoft

Two points : 

- You said you assigned some buttons in the PMDG keys setting.
  At the same time you are using the Configurator.
  Please make sure to only use one type of interfacing as otherwise it may lead to conflicts.

- In the Configurator, did you also activate the PMDG mode specifically ?

Please login to display this image.

Please login to display this image.

Thank you.

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yes, know all that. But it has nothing to do with all the other buttons & switches that are not working.

To me, reading so many reviews, it seems as if not many people can get this working in pmdg 737ngxu.

So far since I posted the first message, I am still no further and have had no constructive response from anyone.

Is there anyone that can actually say, do this, do that and see if it works?

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  • Aerosoft

Yes it still has to do maybe.

Multiple assignments are never good.

So I suggest you start from a clean install and only use the configurator. 

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Have been there, done that multiple times already.

I have re-installed more times than I can remember the past 4 days and

I have cleared PMDG key assignments each time to make sure.

But, still we are going round and round in circles. Do you have a fix besides what I have been

asked to do for the past few days?


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