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Fly the Tiger X - Installation impossible


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Hello, in  2016 I bought at Simmarket the Flylogic Tiger, my system is Fsx Gold/Windows 7 Pro - 64 bit-

The installation process in 2016 was straightforward  and the aircraft worked fine.

After some time  I've uninstalled the product using the windows control panel.

This week I wanted to reinstall it but there's no way to do it...

I run the Setup file as administrator and I followed  all instructions on the screen then the install process started and in about 2 seconds (too fast)  it told me that Fly the Tiger X was succesfully installed in my PC but  actually the aircraft is not installed. I've tried many time but nothing...

My hardware is the same as in 2016 and I don't know what to do now.



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I've checked inside the FSX/Simobjects/Airplanes folder but no "Fly the Tiger X" folder is present ( I remember the name of the Flylogic folder inside Simobjects/Airplanes because in 2016 I added some repaints), and of course in the FSX aircraft selection I've both checked and unchecked the favourite box but nothing.

I've also re-downloaded the package from my Simmarket account and the strange behaviour of the installer is the same : too fast, more or less 1/2 seconds of time, in my

opinion the installer doesn't do it's job, I've disabled my antivirus both during the download of the product and during the installation.

Two days ago I bought "Patrouille Suisse FSX" directly from Flylogic and everything worked fine, so I can't understand  what's happening with "Fly the Tiger X". 

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